The Farm Shop with a Difference
- everything we sell is home grown !
Dave and Val Taylor
Wilanson, Blackberry Lane, Lapford, Devon, EX17 6LY  Tel:  07792 592068
[email protected]   http://www.blackberrylane.co.uk      See ‘What’s New?’ Page for more contact details
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OPEN 9.30 am - 6.00 pm Tuesday to Saturday (9.30-5.00 in winter)
Here’s a LINK to our latest Fruit and Veg Price List.  We aim to update this whenever there are new items available.  
Our fresh home-grown fruit and vegetables are where we began with this website - back in 1999 we started selling with just a few lettuces, and then gradually it grew over the next few years until in 2007 we went travelling on the UK canals and rivers for ‘one or two years’ - which turned into very nearly six!
Coming back in 2013, we hoped to be able to launch straight back into growing and selling fruit and veg again, but found that we needed to rescue our land from the neglect and abuse it had suffered.  So it was not until 2014 that we put the blackboards up again at the end of the lane and re-opened our little shop.
We still have quite a way to go before we shall be able to offer the full range of produce again, but we hope that you will enjoy sharing with us as we gradually increase our usual range of the ordinary and the exotic, giving you quality fresh food - so fresh, in fact, that we will very often pick it for you when you ask for it!
Often people ask us whether we are organic, and the simple answer is YES, we have always grown our fruit and veg organically, with no chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.
But the complicated answer is NO, because to sell our produce as ‘Organic’, we would need to register with the Soil Association, and that is expensive!
So YES, we grow everything organically but NO, we can’t label it as organic. . .
DAFT, isn’t it?
Instead, we like to think that we are moving ‘Beyond Organic’, with an emphasis on real healthy crops grown naturally for real old-fashioned flavour, and produced locally for local consumption, with NO air miles, train miles or lorry miles!
You may like to read an article entitled ‘Beyond Organic’ by Eliot Coleman, an American pioneer of small-scale ‘authentic’ food production.  Follow the link or pick up a printed copy from us next time you call in.
Please phone (01363 83389 or 07792 592068) if you would like to check availability.  We are open Tuesday to Saturday from 9.30 to 6.00 pm in the summer, closing at 5 pm in the winter.
We are at Morchard Bishop Village Market on the 2nd Saturday of each month (9.30 to 11.30), Chawleigh Village Market on the 3rd Saturday (10.00 to 12.00) in the Jubilee Hall, and Lapford Village Market, usually on the last Saturday of the month (10.00 to 13.00).