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Dagger Trowels: Ideal for moving soil blocks
50 mm wide          £6.40
38 mm wide          £6.40
The 4-Tine Tiller is a versatile tool for breaking up compressed soil and for general cultivation.  It can be fitted on a long or short handle.  (No handle supplied).
More details        £56.90
The tine of the ‘Bio’ Cultivator is shaped like a small plough on the end of a thin curved shaft.  It is used below ground level to aerate hard, pressed or ‘capped’ soil, with minimum surface disturbance.
More details         £31.00
The ‘Wireweeder’ is designed as a  fine tool for hoeing and cultivating in very restricted spaces, for example between closely-planted seedlings in greenhouse borders.  100mm (4”) wide
More details         £28.50
Glaser Hand Tools
Glaser Row Markers enable several furrows to be marked out at the same time at variable spacing.  Now 2 sizes, and the 9-tooth one can be angled as shown.
5 teeth, 750mm (30”)     £63.50
9 teeth, 1200mm (48”) £109.50
More details      
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SPARE BLADES are available for all hoes with replaceable blades – see our Handles & Blades page or  e-mail us for info.
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The Collinear Hoe, invented by Eliot Coleman – a light and precise tool designed for a specific  purpose – shallow cultivation.  Certainly not a digging hoe, more like a soil shaver, and brilliantly designed for an upright working position.  Replaceable blades in two sizes.  
175mm (7”)          £26.10   
100mm (4”)          £25.90
Single ‘body’ with both blades £38.00  
                                         More details  
Oscillating Hoes are really easy to use.  The sharp blades cut through the soil on both forward and backward strokes, quickly producing a fine soil texture.  Now available in 4 sizes.     More details
85 mm (3½”)   £29.90
125 mm (5”)    £31.40
175 mm (7”)    £35.10
The ‘Plant Hand’, also known as the ‘Right-Angle Trowel’ and a much more comfortable way of making holes for setting out transplants. Stainless steel blade.    
More details       £36.90
Two fixed-blade versions of the Collinear Hoe, with 175 and  100mm blades. More details     
175mm (7”)         £26.20
100mm (4”)         £22.30  
The Standard Hoe is  excellent for general tasks such as loosening compressed soil, cutting strong-stemmed weeds and hilling-up soil around, beans, potatoes, etc.  More details
120 mm (4¾”)      £25.60
150 mm (6”)         £26.50
The Trapezoid Hoe is specially useful for weeding and thinning seedlings because of the blade’s fine pointed ends. More details   
130 mm (5½”)  £25.70
175 mm (7”)     £26.00  
200 mm (8”)     £26.60  
The ‘Crevice Cultivator’, Val’s favourite for fine cultivation and weeding in confined spaces.  Ideal for working on a rockery, for example.    With wooden handle.
Micro Spatula: for 20mm soil blocks
17 mm wide  £2.80
Another neat idea from Eliot Coleman!  By simply fitting these hard plastic tubes over selected teeth, you can use your Glaser rake as a Row Marker.
Set of 6 tubes, 100 mm (4”) long
More details         £4.40
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200 mm (8”)    £38.20
PRICE CHANGES - March 2019
For the first time in several years, Glasers have needed to increase their prices due to steel costs.  Exchange rates remain unstable, but we shall reduce prices again when we can!!