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Some of our customers and contacts have been kind enough to put links on their websites which direct people to us.  We are very grateful for this help and feel that the least we can do is give you the opportunity to link back to them.  Obviously, these websites are out of our control, so we cannot guarantee that they will continue, or that we would necessarily agree with everything that they say.  We offer these links in good faith, in the hope that you will find items of interest and value when you visit them.  
If you want to link to this website, please get in touch and we can talk about ‘reciprocal links’.    You will understand that we only really want links to other sites which deal with some aspect of gardening and growing, especially those which share our goals.  One of our customers sent us a link to this site (Thanks, Tim!), which is packed with information about using Soil Blockers.  And thanks to Jason for letting us link to his excellent series of photos on getting started with soil blocking at :–  It’s always nice to be appreciated!  Bob kindly added a link to our site from the Romford Smallholders Society.  Not only did we live in Romford (more than 25 years ago, now) but Bob and Dave used to work in the same place – though they never met!      

Peter Charalambos runs more than 15 websites and contacted us to put links to ours on his ‘gardening’ ones.  Here they are:–     

Washington Light Centre have expressed an interest in linking to our site.  Maybe you will be interested in their range of garden lighting products.
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