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Dave and Val Taylor
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Progress . . .
As you may already know, we left Lapford in March 2007 and started on what we expected to be ‘a year or two’ on the waterways of Britain.
In January 2013, after nearly 6 years afloat, we returned to Lapford – though we still take some time off to go boating occasionally!  We really enjoyed our ‘senior gap year’ (though it stretched to nearly six years!) travelling around the British waterways system, and you can look back on our travels by visiting our ‘blog’ at http://nbzindagi.blogspot.com.  We expect to add more entries to the boating blog when we take short breaks, but our Blackberry Lane Blog will keep you up to date with our small-scale Market Gardening.
We started selling a range of home-grown fruit and vegetables again in 2014.  It took us all of 2013 to even start to put things right in our bungalow and on the land. We are well on the way but there is a lot to do!
Needless to say, there is still a lot to do, so growing and ‘restoration’ are continuing hand-in-hand, with a little more time now that we have sold the tools business.
Contact Details
Email and phone remain the best ways to get hold of us quickly.

Our email address and mobile number are at the foot of the page .  Our landline number is 01363 83389, but our mobile (07792 592068) is usually the best one to use.

If you live near Lapford in mid-Devon, please come and see what we have in our tiny Farm Shop.  We only sell what we have either grown or made ourselves.  We are closed on Sundays and Mondays.  You can find directions here.
                 Many Thanks!
Visit    The Blackberry Lane Blog , for fresh information
February 2022
We are ‘Bowing Out’, but the Tools Range has Expanded !

Yes, after more than 3 years of trying to find the right person to take over our Tools Sales, we have arranged to pass all our stock over to Dave Maine of ReAg Tools in Somerset, and you will find ‘our’ tools on his website at www.reagtools.co.uk , along with many more tools that he has sourced from other suppliers.  An exciting range!
You can still contact us by email, but we shall pass all tools sales on to Dave Maine.
We are continuing with our small-scale market gardening, of course !

In the last few years, we have become interested in the use of finely-ground volcanic rock dust as a way of enriching the mineral content of the soil, and so improving the nutritive quality of plants grown in that soil.  As we are trying to bring our own land back into ‘good heart’, we have been using volcanic rock dust and have also become stockists for local customers.  See our REMIN page for more information.
Almost since the start of this website, we had a link with Amazon so that you could buy books we recommend.  Allegations about tax and treatment of employees led to us cutting our link with Amazon, but you can still buy books through us.  See our Gardening Books page for the links to Books etc.
As we started selling rock dust, and getting into selling some fruit and vegetables again, we realised that we all use ‘plastic’ much more these days, so we now have facilities for card payments here in our Farm Shop.
The big news is that we have successfully passed on our Tools business!  It started as a tiny sideline to our Market Gardening back in late 2004 and grew slowly over the next few years.  Since 2013, it has really taken off, and has left us with less and less time to look after our land.  So, in 2019, we started talking about finding someone else to take on the tools business.  It has taken about 2½ years, but we have now passed all ‘our’ tools over to Dave Maine at ReAg Tools.  If you came to this website looking for the well-known range of Blackberry Lane Tools, we hope that you will go to ReAg Tools and find exactly what you are looking for!